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Other inventions

Conceptor of:

  • Chartrand ruler : Equipement used to measure deformation due to crash on a vehicule.


  • Chartrand marker : Measuring equipement used to determine the braking distance after a crash.


  • Chartrand Trajectory indicator: measuring equipement used to determine the trajectory of vehicules after a crash. Yaw, Braking, Sliding, Slipping, eliminating non implicated vehicules.


  • Friction test sled : Measuring equipement used to determine friction coeficient of the braking strips after a crash.

Founding president of Innovation F. Chartrand Ltée

Dedicated in the field of research and development, the company Innovation F. Chartrand  Ltd. (IFC) introduced its philosophy which is always to combine revolutionary concepts in structural and systematic improvement of every detail. Thus, IFC has the constant desire to innovate by being forward thinking in all its achievements, whatever the field. The primary objective is to bring to market quality products to serve the more advantageously the general population.

Conceptor of:

  • Chartrand ruler
  • Chartrand marker
  • Chartrand trajectory indicator
  • Friction test sled

Gets beyond ten (10) certificates in various fields:

  • Plan lecture
  • Certificate of competence first class auto mechanics
  • Mechanics and maintenance of heavy equipment.
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions and differentials
  • Energy fluids, hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Auto mechanics (electricity, carburetion, development)

Also has over 30 years of experience in all forms of mechanical, research, creation and modification. Many self-study experiences in various fields

Helping the community since 1992 F. Chartrand Innovation Ltd. produces a variety of bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles conventional or adapted.

  • Contributing to the quality of life of a young or an adult living with an handicap.
  • Help developing motor skills
  • Allowing the disabled person to have fun while moving with her/his bicycle or tricycle!
  • See the smile of a child when sitting on his bicycle.
  • Innovate and design to meet the various challenges that life presents.
  • Listen to the customer to provide more innovative suggestions.
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